Awards & Programs

Goldberg Scholarship

Every year, the Goldberg Scholarship is awarded to one deserving University of South Carolina law student. The scholarship was created in honor of I.M. Goldberg, a well-known family law practitioner in Charleston. The student is selected by the Law School and presented with the award at the annual USC Awards Day.

Goldberg Recipients

Adrian Mollo (1999)
Rangeley Bailey (2001)
Christy Kednocker (2002)
Gena Walling (2003)
Elizabeth Wiygul (2004)
Megan Ehrlich (2005)
Deidra Hill (2006)
Yasmine Christopherson (2007)
Christina J. Larney (2008)
Ruth Cunnup (2010)
Michelle Boykin (2011)
Katharine Swinson (2013)
Sarah Phillips (2014)
Steven Meyer (2015)
Catherine Thomas (2016)
Daryn Barker (2017)

2017 Recipient, Daryn Barker, accepts her award from Sidney Evering, Megan Seiner and Dean Wilcox.