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The SC Bar Foundation

950 Taylor Street
PO Box 608
Columbia, SC 29202


IOLTA Forms:

  • Enrollment Form for Lawyers and Law Firms
    This form is used to convert an existing trust account or to open a new IOLTA account. The original form should be given to your bank. Send a copy, along with a list of all lawyers who use the account, to the Bar Foundation.

  • Change of Status Form
    This form is used if your account status changes. The completed form should be submitted to the Bar Foundation.

  • Exclusions
    There is no paperwork required by the Foundation for attorneys who are considered excluded.

    The following Bar members are excluded:
        -lawyers who do not maintain the practice of law;
        -those employed in a corporate capacity;
        -those employed by local, state or federal government;
        -law clerks, professors or members of the judiciary;
        -retired attorneys;
        -lawyers whose practices do not require the maintenance of trust/escrow accounts
        -those who do not have an office or maintain funds in depository institutions in the state.

    Exclusions may be noted on the annual SC Bar license fee statement.

If you wish to apply for exemption under the low balance or hardship provisions, please contact the Bar Foundation at (803) 765-0517 for more information.

If there are any questions regarding which form you need to submit, or if you have questions regarding compliance, you can contact the Bar Foundation at (803) 765-0517. Questions can also be submitted via email through iolta@scbar.org.