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Nifty Fifty

In 1965, the first US combat troops arrived in Vietnam, The Sound of Music premiered, the St. Louis Arch was completed, the Beatles released four new albums including “Help” and the Nifty Fifty Class of 1964 took their first steps in their legal careers.

Every year, the Bar Foundation honors the contributions of each class to the legal profession. Join us in 2016 to celebrate the next class.

Nifty Fifty Class of 1965

Hon. Thomas F. Baston
Townsend M. Belser Jr.
Hon. Joseph W. Board
Ronald E. Boston
Benjamin Blakely Boyd
William C. Boyd
Robert W. Brown
Charles H. Cook
D. Kerry Crenshaw
Wade Ronald Crow
Charles E. Curry
D. Denby Davenport Jr.
Armand G. Derfner
Julian W. Dority
Francis T. Draine
H. Emerson Duke Jr.
Willis Fuller Jr.
Michael D. Glenn
William M. Grant Jr.
J. Heyward Harvey Jr.
Harry J. Haynsworth IV
Leonard Krawcheck
Ernest B. Lipscomb III
Jack H. Lynn
Wellington M. Manning Jr.
C. J. Manos
Ralph C. McCullough II
Walton J. McLeod III
Mr. M. Laughlin McDonald
Hon. David F. McInnis
Mr. John W. McIntosh
Mr. Thomas A. McKinney
Mr. Elford H. Morgan
Mr. Everette H. Newman
Mr. R. Evan Palmer
Mr. Thomas A. Player Jr.
Mr. Gerald D. Polis
Mr. W. Haigh Porter
Hon. Osborne Eugene Powell Jr.
Mr. Joseph M. Pracht
Mr. John S. Rainey
Mr. William Y. Rast Jr.
Mr. William Douglas Richardson
Mr. Robert Gerald Sable
Mr. Barry E. Savage
Mr. Robert Bruce Shaw
Mr. Robert A. Shelor Jr.
Mr. James M. Shoemaker Jr.
Mr. James R. Thompson
Mr. Tom Turnipseed
Lt. Col. Robert O. Van Norte
Mr. Frank Ventre Jr.
Mr. Stanley L. Waldman
Mr. Forrest C. Wilkerson IV
Mr. Ted Ben Wyndham