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The SC Bar Foundation

950 Taylor Street
PO Box 608
Columbia, SC 29202

Tribute Gifts

The Bar Foundation gratefully acknowledges those who have made gifts in tribute of a colleague or friend of the Bar for the period July to September 2016.

The first name in a list denotes the honoree.

Looking for past tribute gift listings? Visit here to see tribute gifts made January through June 2016.


John P. Britton
Joseph T. McElveen Jr.
F. Dean Rainey Jr.

Ruth W. Cupp
Beverly A. Carroll
Hon. T.L. Hughston Jr.
H. Hugh Rogers

John Paul Defrick
Hon. T.L. Hughston Jr.

Bruce Dew
Thomas G. Earle

Martha Dicus
Eve M. Stacey

W. Jerry Fedder
Hon. T.L. Hughston Jr.

Julian H. Gignilliat
R. Read Gignilliat

Robert Hammett
H. Hugh Rogers

Robert E. Hoskins
E. Grantland Burns
Beverly A. Carroll

Albert James Jr.
Joseph T. McElveen Jr.

John E. Johnston Jr.
Nathan A. Einstein
Foster Law Firm LLC
Elaine H. Fowler
Jane W. Glenn
Hon. Perry H. Gravely
William D. Gray
James A. Harris Jr.
F.M. Hughes
Hon. Howard P. King
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Marchant
Dwight F. Patterson Jr.
Hon. Charles V. Pyle Jr.
D.A. Quattlebaum III
Frank L. Reynolds
Kate and Billy Scully
Jefferson V. Smith Jr.
C. Diane Smock and Bradford Wyche
James H. Watson
Robert S. Wells

Richard Kennedy Jr.
Thomas G. Earle

Demal I. Matson Jr.
Hon. T.L. Hughston Jr.

Lon Shull III
Hon. T.L. Hughston Jr.
David M. Yokel

Ellen Hines Smith
Grace G. Knie

Frank Dodd Taylor
Jennifer C. Blumenthal




Want to honor a colleague? Please download a copy of our donor form or make a gift online today!