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DuRant Award

Hon. Goolsby, Indira D. Cureton-Cummings (Hon. Jasper Cureton’s daughter), and SC Bar Foundation president, Lisa Cotten at the SC Bar Convention Plenary Lunch

Submissions for FY23 DuRant Award Are Now Closed

In 1980, the Foundation established the DuRant Distinguished Public Service Award in memory of Charlton DuRant, a well-known Manning attorney who served as state senator and special associate justice of the SC Supreme Court.

Today, this award is one of the most prestigious statewide honors that members of the Bar can bestow on a fellow attorney. Annually, recipients are nominated and selected by their professional peers. Selection criteria include meritorious service to the law and the community. Eligibility is limited to living members of the South Carolina Bar. Sitting judges and current public office holders are not eligible, however, past service in such positions will be considered. Traditionally, the award recipient is honored at the Bar Convention’s plenary luncheon each January.


The DuRant Legacy

David W. Robinson, 1980
Walton J. McLeod Jr., 1981
Robert M. Figg Jr., 1982
Thomas H. Pope, 1983
J.D. Todd Jr., 1984
Hugh L. Willcox, 1985
C. Bruce Littlejohn, 1986
Heyward E. McDonald, 1987
Charles W. Knowlton, 1988
E.P. “Ted” Riley, 1989
Augustine T. Smythe, 1990
Harry M. Lightsey, 1991
Terrell L. Glenn, 1992
A. Frank Lever, 1993
Morris D. Rosen, 1994
Ellen Hines Smith, 1995
Claude M. Scarborough Jr., 1996
Julius W. McKay, 1997
A. Lee Chandler, 1998
I.S. Leevy Johnson, 1999
William L. Pope, 2000
H. Simmons Tate Jr., 2001
Joseph H. McGee, 2002

Alex M. Sanders Jr., 2003
Eugene N. “Nick” Zeigler Jr., 2004
Ernest A. Finney Jr., 2005
Leo H. Hill, 2005
Julian J. Nexsen, 2006
B. Henderson Johnson Jr., 2007
David L. Freeman, 2008
G. Dewey Oxner Jr., 2009
Richard W. Riley, 2010
David A. Merline, 2011
Harold W. Jacobs, 2012
Mark W. Buyck Jr., 2013
William R. Byars Jr., 2014
Ernest F. “Fritz” Hollings, 2015
George Cauthen, 2016
Elizabeth Van Doren Gray, 2017
Sue Berkowitz, 2018
Robert M. Wilcox, 2019
David M. Beasley, 2020
James C. Parham, Jr., 2021
Hon. Jasper M. Cureton, 2022