Designated Fund Donors

The following are individuals or organizations that have given to one of our three designated funds: Wilburn Brewer Jr. Professionalism Fund, Children’s Fund or the Disabled Lawyers Fund.*


Andy L. Abrams
Kenneth C. Anthony Jr.
Cindy Caldwell
Molly H. Cherry
Paul A. Dominick
David E. Dubberly
Frank R. Ellerbe III
Nicole S. Ewing
Kay Gaffney
Elizabeth Van Doren Gray
Edward M. Hughes
Eric James
Jacob H. Jennings
William J. Jordan
Howard P. King
John W. Kittredge
Christopher Kouri
Rebecca Laffitte
Lanneau W. Lambert Jr.
W. Thomas Lavender Jr.
Alexis K. Lindsay
James G. Long III
William L. Lord III
Angus H. Macaulay Jr.
Andrew A. Mathias
Susan P. McWilliams
Julio E. Mendoza Jr.
Eric Mills
Ashley F. Pace
Samuel F. Painter
Alice F. Paylor
Neil C. Robinson Jr.
Peter Santos
David A. Senter
Janet Shires
Henry B. Smythe
Melissa F. Spence
Robert E. Stepp
Fred W. Suggs
Thomas S. Tisdale
Jerry D. Vinson
Bradish J. Waring
Elizabeth H. Warner
J. Calhoun Watson
Robert M. Wilcox


Donald C. Coggins Jr.
Elaine H. Fowler
Adam B. Landy
David M. Yokel
South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys Association


Archie W. Ackerman
Kenneth E. Berger
Kenneth J. Hagreen

* List is as of 6.30.19